Hayes End Library


LB Hillingdon


£ 135k

Start/End Date

November 2020 to February 2021


Greyline have carried out internal refurbishment of the Hayes End Library in Hillingdon to refresh and modernise the facilities with decoration throughout, electrical works and the installation of new bespoke furniture items and reconfiguration of shelving and internal spaces to improve functionality.
A new reception desk area greets visitors, with a bespoke ash strip canopy above the desk area and improved LED lighting to provide a welcoming entrance into the new revamped space. Library staff have been provided with enhanced office/kitchen facilities with the demolition of an existing toilet and kitchenette and the original partitions. In their place we established a new office space with kitchen area, all fully refurbished and decorated with new flooring, lighting, and furniture.
New bespoke furniture from supplier, Denco, paired with LED lighting and new flooring throughout, including a printed vinyl floor in the Children’s area complete the 11-week refurbishment programme.

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