Health and Safety Policy Statement

Greyline is a professional, safety conscious organisation which values the effective management of health, safety and welfare throughout all stages of a project.

The clear objective is to minimise harm to persons and property by adopting a proactive approach to effective risk and safety management. All work will be carried out in accordance with best practice, and to the relevant statutory provisions with all reasonably practicable measures being taken to avoid risk to employees or others that may be affected.

Management and supervisory staff have the responsibility for implementing the policy throughout the company and must ensure that health and safety considerations are always given priority in planning and day-to-day supervision of all work.

Greyline fully complies with the duties placed upon it within the requirements of statutory legislation, whilst always complying with, as a matter of best practice, the requirements and duties set out within Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance as issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

Under the Construction Management Regulation (CDM 2015) everyone working in construction must be competent to do their job. This means having the right skills, experience, training, knowledge, and or qualifications to carry out the work. Supply chain will be asked to prove this competence by obtaining accreditations.

All employees and supply chain are expected to co-operate and assist in the implementation of this policy, whilst ensuring that their own works, so far as is reasonably practicable, are carried out without risk to themselves, others or the environment. This includes co-operating with management on any health, safety or environment related matter.

Greyline will take all practical steps to ensure that potential hazards and risks are identified, and that suitable and effective preventative and control measures are implemented. The correct safety equipment and personnel protective equipment will be provided to all employees.

All employees will be provided with the necessary instruction and training in safe methods of work, and the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of tools and equipment.

The Business Director, has overall responsibility for all Health, Safety, Welfare and Environmental matters. The operation of this policy and the associated procedures will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they remain current and applicable to the company’s activities.

Signed by Business Director:

Mark White

1st May 2022