Hillingdon Civic Centre Refurbishment Works


LB Hillingdon


£ 6.25m

Start/End Date

October 2023 to July 2024


Greyline is transforming the Hillingdon Civic Centre, a prominent listed landmark in the borough.

Originally constructed between 1973 and 1976, the building in Uxbridge achieved Grade II Listed status in 2018, necessitating careful consideration for any alterations.
This project presents a unique opportunity to modernise a historically significant building while preserving its architectural heritage. Greyline, acting as both principal designer and contractor under a NEC 2016 contract, is delivering a multi-phased refurbishment programme.

Uniquely Tailored Refurbishment
The project is unfolding in phases, catering to the specific needs of each area. Office spaces in 2 East are receiving a complete makeover with improved meeting areas, modern finishes, and optimised lighting. Meanwhile, 1 North is being transformed from a staff canteen into a spacious break-out and lunch zone with enhanced accessibility.
The underutilised Middlesex Suite will be revitalised to become the new home for Uxbridge Library, requiring structural alterations and the creation of functional library spaces.
Finally, the project will revamp the Civic Centre’s entrance with a platform lift, comfortable seating, a cafe, and an enclosed walkway, enhancing the overall user experience.

Overcoming Listed Building and Logistical Hurdles
The Grade II Listed status adds a layer of complexity to the project. Greyline works closely with the client and heritage specialists to ensure all modifications comply with strict preservation guidelines.
Limited delivery access and the ongoing operations within the Civic Centre demands innovative logistical solutions. We tackle this by constantly reviewing and updating our logistics plan, ensuring efficient deliveries and minimising disruption to daily activities.

Innovation in Every Detail
Greyline’s commitment to excellence extends beyond just tackling challenges. We explored various lighting options, implementing energy-efficient solutions tailored to the specific use of each space. For instance, the office area will receive lighting optimised for productivity, while the break-out area will prioritise a more relaxed ambiance.
Additionally, a switch to full-height column cladding panels in the 2South area will not only improve aesthetics but also streamline the build process.

A Modern Civic Hub for Hillingdon
By July, Greyline will deliver a modern, functional, and sustainable Civic Centre that meets the evolving needs of the London Borough of Hillingdon. This project showcases our ability to combine innovative design solutions with meticulous planning and careful consideration for historical significance. The outcome will be are vitalised civic space that serves the community for generations to come.


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