LB Hillingdon Void Property Refurbishment Service


London Borough of Hillingdon


Approx. £ 750k p.a.

Start/End Date

April 2020 to April 2023 (Potential 2 year extension)


Greyline are delivering voids as one of two contractors on this Void Property Refurbishment Services Framework for the LB Hillingdon, undertaking a potential 600 voids per annum, with orders placed on an ad hoc basis as properties become vacant. The Voids refurbishment service is delivered by our dedicated Voids Supervisor, Duane Barham, who is supported by our direct delivery teams and specialist contractors.

The scope includes general building works in all trades and repairs to bring void units up to Hillingdon’s lettable property standard. Works vary between voids and can be anything from a simple 2 day turnaround, Asbestos survey and EICR electrical inspection through to a complete internal refurbishment and new kitchen and bathroom. Greyline have worked collaboratively with LB Hillingdon to reduce the cost of service by adopting into Greyline’s supply chain the Clients preferred Asbestos supplier London Laboratories and utilising the Council’s waste & recycling facility for all clearance waste and building materials waste.

The contract was awarded in early 2020 with our team undertaking typical mobilisation activity during March 2020, through face to face meetings, with a view to commencing works to the first voids in April 2020. As the project was almost ready to move into the construction phase the lockdown and restrictions linked to the Covid-19 Pandemic were announced which presented significant challenges to our ability to complete the mobilisation process and carry out works. A change in scope saw our teams completing voids for key workers and temporary accommodation for patients recovering (in self-isolation) post-treatment for COVID-19. Greyline rose to the challenge and reduced property turnaround times to ensure faster availability of each void.

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