Locksley Estate


London Borough of Tower Hamlets


£ 830k

Start/End Date

January 2023 to October 2023


Works undertaken have been to redevelop a dilapidated children’s play area that had been turned into an illegal drug and ASB hotspot. We have removed all the old equipment and completely relandscaped the area. Removing ‘nooks and crannies’ and replacing them with a nice free flowing, modern children’s play area with line of sight across the entire area. We have planted 1000’s of new native plants including trees, Hay and Wild flower meadows and new planting beds. We’ve created log piles and insect houses to increase biodiversity and installed new LED street lighting across the entire park to reduce the environmental impact. We cut back the trees to allow more light into the park in the evenings and winter. We created a new disabled parking bay for the residents. We installed push up and Parallel bars to encourage the residents to get healthy and we installed 3 sets of swings and a new multi play climbing frame. We installed new galvanised fencing around the play areas to discourage cycles and scooters and painted the existing fencing.

Scope of works

  • Hard Landscaping   (Demolition of existing playground, reworking to new levels to improve line of sight safety issues; New pathways, paving, kerbs and upstands; Repairs and cleaning to hard standings, relay of existing where being retained)
  • Soft Landscaping   (Retainment and protection to wildflower areas; Improvement to line of sight; New extensive bedding of plants, flowers and planting of new trees; Tree works – tree maintenance to canopies of mature trees, some tree felling and removal)
  • Recreational   (New children’s multi-play unit; New children’s play equipment such as swings; Installation of safety surfacing to play areas; Installation of exercise equipment including push up and parallel bars)
  • Boundaries   (Removal and installation of new fences, decorations to retained)
  • Services   (Manholes and covers to be adjusted to new levels; Electrical works for installation and relocation of lighting)
  • General and Miscellaneous   (Relocation and LED upgrades to lampposts; New signage including street signs, Interpretation boards for wildlife and fauna and emergency contact instructions)

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