South Park Primary School


LB Redbridge


£ 160k

Start/End Date

January 19 to April 19


Works to an occupied primary school to move the reception area and convert an existing structure into a new sports equipment store.

During this three-month contract for the London Borough of Redbridge our directly employed labour, with the support of specialist subcontractors, delivered the following packages of works:

Relocation of the existing reception including; provision of bespoke joinery and furniture; new parquet flooring; electrical/data installation and an automated door entry system. The improvements were paired with a new secure pedestrian access route into the school formed with security fencing, iron gate and additional specialist security works.

Conversion of an existing shelter into a sports equipment store with a scope including; creation of a new floor slab with DPM, new walls, windows and doors.

Intrusive works to the occupied school were carried out during the Easter Break to minimise disruption to pupils and staff. During the break our team undertook ground works and fencing, which required extensive safe access to areas of the playground.

The remaining works were carried out during term time. To ensure the safety of the children, staff and visitors we segregated all work areas with Heras fencing and debris netting, deliveries were scheduled to arrive outside of the school run and playtimes and bulk deliveries of materials were made to reduce the number of vehicles accessing site. All operatives had an enhanced DBS check