Greyline Career Pathways

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Learning and development is very important to Greyline, and we are totally committed to helping our staff reach their potential, regardless of the background a staff member comes from, or what aspiration they may have, we will help our staff find the right pathway where they can explore, grow, and thrive as a professional in the construction sector whilst supporting and delivering Greylines business objectives. As soon as a member of staff commences their employment, they will be supported by professional colleagues providing the experience and exposure to develop and achieve the professional qualification which is right for the staff member’s chosen career path.

Greyline’s annual performance appraisal process is an opportunity for the staff member to have a meaningful one-to-one dialogue with their line manager to discuss achievements in the past year, and to set future objectives.

The performance appraisal process also captures training aspirations, and a 12-month Personal Development Plan is developed for the staff member, as required. These PDPs (Personal Development Plans) are monitored regularly throughout the year and are supported with regular one-to-one meetings with the staff member. The plans may include a range of key technical and practical deliverable training and development objectives and forms part of the staff member’s ‘Greyline career pathway’.