Greyline supports Ealing Radcliffe Estate clean-up

Greyline supported a clear-up to an area of an Ealing Estate which had previously harboured anti-social behaviour and fly tipping has formed the first activity of Greyline’s social value delivery on our current LB Ealing contracts, which include internal and external works packages.


Our client, LB Ealing, and their internal divisions, Place Delivery and Parks & Community Safety approached us with a proposal to clear an area of scrubland situated within the Radcliffe Estate. The Radcliffe Estate Community Greenspace Improvement Project, saw Greyline working with other community organisations, including LAGER Can (Litter Action Group for Residents) and Green S Welfare.


LAGER Can, set up by local Ealing resident’s already run an established initiative to reduce litter in Ealing, undertaking regular litter picks and patrols, making them a natural organisation to partner with. Green S Welfare are an independent welfare agency, carrying out volunteer work to support humanitarian and environmental causes, their local members provide a further boost to the day’s activity.


As part of meetings to establish a plan of action, our Operations Director, Mark White committed volunteers and resources to assist with the clean and clear of the area.


In mid-November 2020 we completed phase one of the initiative, with nine Greyline staff working together with 21 other volunteers from the Council, LAGER Can and Green S Welfare to remove almost 7 tonnes of waste material. We provided three vans to assist Ealing’s waste partners Greener Ealing Ltd in removing material from site and its subsequent disposal.


A second phase is now already planned for the spring of 2021, where our concentration will move to a further litter pick and planting programme.

Commenting on the initiative, Bradford Decker of Ealing Council said “Place Delivery, in partnership with Parks and Community Safety, have put together an initiative to reclaim an area of derelict scrub which has been a magnet for anti-social behaviour for several years. The project goal is to transform the area to make it more welcoming to residents and members of the public which in turn should reduce the anti-social behaviour.